Optimize your sourcing capabilities

Source products and services from your partners within a private network. Reduce lead-time, diversify your product portfolio, and give a better customer experiences.

Diversify offerings

Combine products from the marketplace to create new more attractive offers to your customers.

Widen your reach

Extend your reach by offering your partners a platform where they can interact with you and their customers.

Collect the right data

Reduce lead-time on your orders though automated sourcing and by collecting the right data to fulfill your orders.

Marketplace Technology

Onlinq is a Cloud-Native solution that allows organizations to create marketplaces using API technology. The data is private to each member of the market, and data access is managed on user level.

Onlinq supports any product through service-agnostic product specifications and easy to use price management.

Get Started
  • Efficient Sales – Support all lines of telco business in a single platform (consumer, SME, enterprise, and wholesale).
  • Faster Time-to-Market – Compose products and make them immediately available (SD-WAN, Cloud, etc.).
  • Full White-labeling capabilities – Easy branding of business units.
  • CRM – Keep your account, leads, and contacts organized, all in one place.
  • Interactive Proposals – Interact with your customers through the customer portal.
  • Fast Deployment & Set-up – Instant configuration and be online within hours.
  • Flexible Access Control – Control individual access to products, offerings, and prices.

Grow your business by monetizing your partner ecosystem.

Here are some of the things you will experience.

Faster Growth

Reach a larger amount of suppliers, which results in better offers for your customers.

Easier Upscaling

Support a growing customer base with ease using well-designed user experiences.

Close More Deals

Combine products from the marketplace and create better offerings.

Higher Efficiency

Automate the tasks you hate and put the focus on the nuances of the sale.

Personalized Outreach

Supports different brands and business units using dedicated instances.

Immediate Impact

Set it up within hours. Start sending new offers to your customers today.


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Onlinq SaaS

A single platform that supports all lines of business (consumer, SME, enterprise, and wholesale).

Starts at


per user

Close more deals, faster

  • Coverage Check
  • Multi-site Coverage Check
  • Supplier Integration

Keep your data organized

  • CRM
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Geodata Management
  • Product Management

Personalize your outreach

  • Company profile customization
  • Salesforce integration

Onlinq Enterprise

Grow your business by monetizing your partner ecosystem.

Starts at

Talk to Sales

per instance

Everything in Onlinq SaaS

Supplier Self-service

  • White-labeling
  • Geodata Management

Manage your growing team

  • User management
  • User roles

Understand the market

  • Sales Reports
  • Market Insight Reports